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Back to Tanzania

We're one-week away from returning to Tanzania. It's been 3-years since our last trip there in February, 2020. So much has changed since then but the excitement of traveling 1/2 way around the world and visiting exotic landscapes and cultures with friends feels the same. So what's changed?

Covid 19 and the murder of George Floyd have certainly changed the world. On our last trip in February 2020 I never would have imaged either of these happenings. Covid and lock downs seriously hurt many people, including our outfitter friends around the world, including East Africa. It feels like a new world.

We have a grandson, and we are totally smitten. One big concern about our trip is simply missing him. He brings us great joy.

I've always been an "environmentalist" but now think a little harder about what sort of world we will be leaving our grandchildren. We installed solar and are in the process of electrifying our house. So far, our Mitsubishi "Mini-Split," continues to provide heat despite -12 F temperatures outside--simply amazing. Our carbon foot print is a more present concern and we're very aware that flying half-way around the world is a huge carbon dump. We're looking for ways to offset but feel like everything we've seen so far looks ineffective. Suggestions appreciated!

We're both retired, though I started consulting with a group called Access Philanthropy a in the fall of 2020. I enjoy working with other non-profits so long as I can keep it to 1/3 time and not let it interphere with other pursuits.

The lives of our friends around the world have changed too. I am sure Covid was a struggle but they have all survived and are now emerging from Covid. On this trip, I'm excited to see Donatus Gadiye, our outfitting friend from Karatu near the Ngorogoro Crater. Don is a bundle of fun and a really good man. He calls me "Vichaka" which is Swahili for large bush elephant. I call him "Misitu" which means smaller forest elephant. Don told me he got the J & J vaccine but in a world of disparities I fear the levels of vaccination in Tanzania are very low.

I'll keep you posted on our travels!

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